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What (if anything) Does a Conductor Do?


A virtual session and lesson with Artistic Director Dana Sadava

Sunday, August 30 at 5pm PDT

We hope you enjoyed this fun, free virtual event! Check out our upcoming events here.

Optional audience participation!

​​BYOB (Bring Your Own Baton) to this session where you'll learn what a conductor does every day. At the end of the session we'll have an optional conducting lesson, so get your batons, pencils, or BBQ skewers ready! Presented by Artistic Director Dana Sadava.

Watch a recording of this session:

We're happy to bring these events to you for free. If you're enjoying them and are able to support us through a donation, we would truly appreciate it.

Resources for this session

Conductor's baton on sheet music

Conducting Practice:

2 pattern

Stars and Stripes Forever

Greensleeves (slow 2)

Conducting Practice:

3 pattern

Bach Minuet in G


You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman 

Conducting Practice:

4 pattern

Star Wars Imperial March

That Thing You Do

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