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Q&A with an Opera Singer


Featuring guest artist & mezzo-soprano Deborah Martinez Rosengaus

Sunday, September 13 at 5pm PDT


We hope you enjoyed this fun, free virtual event! Check out our upcoming events here.

Bay Area favorite mezzo-soprano Deborah Martinez Rosengaus will join us for an in-depth look at an opera singer's life. Ms. Rosenberg will discuss how she sings so loudly without a microphone, how a singer learns their instrument without ever seeing it, and how opera singers are coping with the global pandemic.

Read more about Ms. Rosengaus on her website:

Watch a recording of this session:

We're happy to bring these events to you for free. If you're enjoying them and are able to support us through a donation, we would truly appreciate it.


Deborah Rosengaus' October Music Course


We loved having Deborah as our guest for our Q&A!  You can see her again soon by attending her virtual musical lectures:

Oh the Horror!! Digging into the Macabre in Music

"This weekly adventure into music will meet for the 5 Thursdays in October. We will explore the symphonies inspired by all that is dark and spooky. We will dig into the pop and folk music that always seems to draw in the gothic crowd. We'll even take a look at how Hollywood turns horror into sound and song for their big Blockbuster hits. It's kind of creepy and it's going to be a lot of fun. The devil always gets the best tunes!"

Read more and buy tickets here>

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