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Sunday, November 8 at 5pm PST

We hope you enjoyed this fun, free virtual event! Check out our upcoming events here.

How Music Can Make You Better

Neuroscientist and opera singer/director Dr. Indre Viskontas demonstrates the wide-ranging power of music to shape our brains, heal our pain and strengthen our communities. Dr. Viskontas is a regular guest of NPR's City Arts and Lectures and is host of the hit podcast Inquiring Minds, which recently celebrated 7 million downloads. She is on the faculties of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and the University of San Francisco.

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How Music Can Make You Better

Cadence podcast:

check out S03 Episode 1, The Music of Politics

Inquiring Minds podcast:

listen here

The Great Courses: 

Brain Myths Exploded: Lessons from Neuroscience

Dr. Viskontas' white paper will be released soon - stay tuned!

Other info:

Music Therapy for Parkinson's Disease

About Indre Viskontas

I work at the intersection of music and neuroscience to educate, engage and entertain. 

My Story

I'm an opera singer who came of age during the decade of the brain. I've always been pulled both by art and by science and have finally found ways to integrate the two in my work. I finished a Masters of Music degree in Voice Performance and a Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience and currently enjoy faculty positions at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and the University of San Francisco. I'm passionate about communicating ideas to the public, by giving compelling lectures about the brain, hosting two podcasts and performing and directing contemporary opera. 

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