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Ménage à quatre_ life in a world-renowne

Ménage à Quatre: Life in a World-Renowned String Quartet

Sunday, May 2 at 5pm PST

We hope you enjoyed this fun, free virtual event! Check out our upcoming events here.

This virtual session features a live Q&A with famed cellists David Geber and Julia Lichten, who will be speaking to us from their home in NYC. For 28 years, Geber was the cellist of the American String Quartet, performing as many as 100 concerts per year across the globe. Lichten has been a member of the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra since 1995 and maintains a career as a soloist and chamber musician. We'll talk about traveling the world with a cello, how they resolve artistic disputes among chamber musicians, and their favorite moments from making music at the highest level.

Watch a recording of this session:

We're happy to bring these events to you for free. If you're enjoying them and are able to support us through a donation, we would truly appreciate it.

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